We’re an online application for interacting intelligently with PDFs.
We’re a platform for intelligent PDF queries that harnesses a vectorized AI that offers more accurate answers to your questions, but without the requirement that you commit to a recurring monthly membership cost structure. Instead, our platform offers a pay as you go model to all users. Our goal is to facilitate frictionless learning across different fields and countries, maximizing a user’s ability to efficiently understand documents, research and corporate materials alike.
We are happy to say that there are no recurring charges on our platform! Our pricing packages work more like a video arcade than a typical SAAS that charges monthly regardless of your usage. The first package starts at 5,000 tokens for just $15. No matter which package you purchase, it’s 1 token for every PDF page and 1 token for every question. That’s 5,000 pages or 5,000 AI questions for just $15! Tokens expire 12 months after purchase. This means you can ditch your monthly subscription and spend just $15 for nearly 5,000 questions over an entire year!
Users who have purchased tokens on our platform are eligible to generate an affiliate code within their account (under settings tab). For security reasons, after 6 months the code will expire and you will be able to generate a new one again within your account. Whenever your unique code is used by someone to purchase a package of tokens, both you and the buyer will be awarded 100 additional tokens for free.
To delete your account simply email us to remove_account @ intelpdf dot com a request to delete your account. Please make sure you include your account email and username.
Feel free to contact us directly info @ intelpdf dot com with questions and feedback!